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AI – Are we there yet? 2021 Predictions for continued AI adoption
CE Credit: 1.0
Dr. Nina Kottler and Reed Humphrey
Join us for an interactive discussion about artificial intelligence. How is it is being used in clinical and private practice, and how can it be an integral part of radiology in the future? We will start by looking at the evolution of AI and radiol..

Addressing Failed Follow-Ups: From Insight to Action
CE Credit: Not Available
Dr. Juan Jimenez
Studies have shown that approximately 10% of radiology reports contain a recommendation for patient follow-up. Yet on average, only 50% of these follow-ups ever get completed. Understanding the scope of this issue and impact on patient care is becom..

A Sense of Urgency: Reframing our Approach to DEI Initiatives in Radiology
CE Credit: Not Available
Dr. Matthew Bucknor
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, or DEI as it is commonly referred to, is a phrase that broadly outlines the efforts an institution takes to create a more welcoming environment that embraces and values differences. Reinforcing strong DEI programs he..

Optimizing Safety in Pediatric MRI: New Data, New Approvals
CE Credit: 1.0
Dr. Steven Sireci and Troy List
Today, seven different gadolinium-based contrast agents (GBCAs) are approved for clinical use in the United States. They vary by molecular structure, ability to interact with serum proteins, relaxivity, concentration, and stability. ProHance (gadoter..

*2021 Coding and Reimbursement Seminar
CE Credit: 2.0
Melody Mulaik
This dynamic session is for individuals responsible for any portion of the charge capture, coding, documentation, billing and account follow-up of radiology services. All of the 2021 radiology coding updates will be reviewed in detail as well as othe..

Imaging in the Fastlane: Increasing MRI Efficiency and Workflows
CE Credit: Not Available
Dr. Mahmud Mossa-Basha
To discuss approaches to increasing MRI efficiency and analytic evaluation of MRI performance for a major medical system. You will have a better understanding of MR technology to increase imaging acceleration...

Balancing Vulnerability and Logic to Lead Your Team
CE Credit: Not Available
Nicole Dhanraj
Imaging leaders are faced with a myriad of challenges and as such need to manage situations differently. How do you know when to lead with your heart versus your left-brain? Are you comfortable putting one of the other first as situations dictate? Do..

3D Imaging Labs: Costs & Benefits of Outsourced vs. In-house Post-Processing
CE Credit: 1.0
Dr. Keith Marton, Alexander Szafran, Ralph Gentry
Join this roundtable to learn the costs and benefits associated with US-based outsourced image post-processing vs. in-house post-processing, and discuss how outsourcing offers an alternative that provides equivalent post-processing quality withou..

Spectral CT Deployment In A Large Multi-Hospital Health Care System
CE Credit: 1.0
Edward Steiner
How advancements in Spectral CT create a new paradigm in imaging with improved efficiency, accuracy, reduced radiation and cost savings in the new environment of outcomes based medicine. We have to image smarter, not just better...

Space Travel and the Brain, MR Imaging
CE Credit: 1.0
Donna Roberts
Join us as Dr. Donna Roberts, Professor of Radiology and Neuroscience at the Medical University of South Carolina, and Mr. Charles Stanley, Senior Medical Science Liaison at Guerbet LLC, discuss the world of research in space. Mr. Stanley will intro..

How Software Enhancements and Analytics Improve Clinical Workflow
CE Credit: Not Available
John Campbell
Numerous types of electronic tracking and use of specific analytics are not always available within the EHR, RIS, and PACS. Therefore radiology leaders must research various means to improve throughput, quality of service, and patient and staff satis..

Minority Women in Radiology Leadership
CE Credit: Not Available
Nicole Dhanraj
A roundtable discussion on the challenges of minority women in radiology...

How to Reduce the Radiologists Risk of Work Related Repetitive Stress Injuries and Visual Fatigue
CE Credit: Not Available
Greg Patrick and Cindy Stewart
Radiologists Working Remotely Because of COVID? Don't allow the risk of repetitive stress injuries to return now that your radiologists are working remotely. This presentation reviews the risks radiologists face from repetitive stress injuries, how t..

Density Inform and Insurance Legislation Update
CE Credit: Not Available
JoAnn Pushkin
JoAnn Pushkin, Executive Director of DenseBreast-info.org will provide an overview of the dense breast landscape as it relates to current and proposed legislation and what that means for patients and physicians as it relates to advanced screening nee..

Are You Overpaying for CT Scanner Options You Don't Need?
CE Credit: 1.0
Timothy Szczykutowicz
Usage data offers medical imaging administrators a unique opportunity to glean practical insight on how to optimize equipment purchases for their department. Dr. Szczykutowicz will go over why some indications require special CT scanner options. Thes..

Prefilled Contrast Syringes Help Improve Patient Care and Lower Costs
CE Credit: 1.0
Vera Kimbrell
This webinar will review the potential risk factors for infection with contrast media (CM) dispensed from multi-dose and bulk-pack containers, and how the integration of CM provided in prefilled syringes (PFS) can significantly reduce this risk and h..

Patient Engagement in the Post-COVID-19 World
CE Credit: 1.0
Kathleen Masters and Dr. Hersh Goel
With over 1 million patient visits per year, Boston Medical Center (BMC) is the largest safety-net hospital in New England. Over the past decade BMC has trialed and implemented various patient engagement technologies aimed at improving patient experi..

2020 Symposium: Imaging Telepresence Solutions The Next Horizon
CE Credit: 0.5
Sponsored by Philips
During this session we will discuss the innovative approach to teleacquisition and workflow. With COVID -19, the role of teleacquisition, teleaugmentation and telepresence transitioned from concept to reality to many radiology practices. This transit..

2020 Symposium: State of the Imaging Market 2020
CE Credit: 0.5
Sponsored by Hitachi
As purchasers increasingly direct patients to imaging services based on both price and quality, imaging providers need to refocus their strategy towards providing and communicating high value care. This presentation will review imaging’s financial ou..

2020 Symposium: The Importance of Digitalization and Partnerships - Especially in Challenging Times
CE Credit: 0.5
Sponsored by Siemens
How is digitalization transforming care delivery? Dr. Patel and Mr. Haynes will discuss Geisinger’s digital journey, including how they set meaningful objectives and how they continue to leverage technology, like AI, to improve patient care and optim..

Who Says a Leopard Cannot Change Its Spots
CE Credit: 1.0
Peggy Colbeck-Rochford
Physicians Clinic of Iowa is a multi-specialty private practice clinic located in the heart of the Midwest. Over the past six years our team has created innovative workflow solutions which has elevated our productivity; team engagement in addition to..

Navigating the Changing Landscape: Radiography in Times of a Pandemic
CE Credit: Not Available
Ramesh Gopi, Jacqui Rose, Elizabeth Evans, Marty Khatib
After nearly two months of navigating the novel Coronavirus, we are seeing prominent trends emerge in our healthcare field that are not only reshaping the way we are practicing Radiology in the near-term, but most assuredly in the long term. Radiolog..

Beyond the Data: The Human Side of Dose Monitoring
CE Credit: 1.0
Olav Christianson
Radiation dose monitoring is an evolving topic in health care. Given recent additions to The Joint Commission standards on fluoroscopy radiation dose management, institutions face new and daunting challenges. While most hospitals recognize the import..

NEW Research: State of the Radiology Staff Experience
CE Credit: 1.0
Sham Sokka
The subject of physician burnout – especially among radiologists – has become a major topic of discussion lately. What is less discussed is the staff experience of imaging technologists and administrators. In this webinar, Sham Sokka, PhD., Head of M..

Inspiring Innovation
CE Credit: 1.0
Katelyn Nye, Todd Minnigh and Tim Nustad
How do we build a passion in our people and innovate better ways to do things? What are some examples that have worked for others? There are several elements that can work together, here are just a few: Team Diversity – the cross pollination of conce..